Wonderful McCormick

Did you ever consider retiring in South Carolina? If not, you might like to think again, because there are cities and towns here that would probably suit you very well. One of these is McCormick.

McCormick was founded by Cyrus McCormick, who, ironically enough, never visited the city that carries his name. He was active in buying and selling property to develop the place. Cyrus McCormick also went to considerable lengths to have railroads put down which ran through his property. This turned out to be an important factor in the development of McCormick as a commercial center, bringing prosperity, which reached its peak by the early part of 1900.

Today, McCormick has come a long way with the commercial district being developed by the South Carolina Development Association. McCormick offers wonderful recreational facilities, with the Hickory Knob State Resort Park less than 10 miles away.

People also visit the McCormick Arts Council to view exhibits of interest and attend classes and programs that are held right through the year. You may not be aware that the McCormick Arts Council has also been designated as part of the South Carolina National Heritage Corridor. So if it’s the culture of the place that interests you, it’s there for the asking. The Sumter National Forest is another major attraction here.

McCormick has a mild climate throughout the year and is close to the metropolitan hubs of Atlanta, Augusta and Columbia, where a number of services and amenities are available. The average temperature in January is 42° F, increasing to 80.2°F by July.

McCormick County has a small population of less than 1,500. For retired people, McCormick offers economical housing, which also gives them the advantage of an active lifestyle. They can visit Greenwood, which is not far away for their shopping requirements. Greenwood is also known for medical facilities.

The Savannah Lakes Village is a sprawling settlement on 4,000 acres of land on Lake Thurmond, where several hundred homes are available. Many of these are owned by retired people. So if you do feel that McCormick could be one of your choices and decide to look for housing here, this could be a good place for you to start. It’s quite likely that you will find something to suit you here.

While we’re on the subject of property, you should know that the average price of a home in McCormick is around $ 53,500. Should you be interested you can get further details from the McCormick Chamber of Commerce.

Since it is a popular choice, you’ll probably find many people like yourself heading for it as well. And apart from anything else, loneliness is one problem you won’t have to worry about!

And if you are worried about your health because of advancing age, you needn’t worry because the Village also accommodates a medical center. So all your healthcare needs will be well looked after.

Apart from Augusta, Atlanta, Columbia and Charlotte, there are other small towns nearby such as Modoc, Abbeville, Calhoun Falls, and of course Greenwood, which is frequented by residents of McCormick on a regular basis.

So, do you think McCormick is the kind of place where you would like to retire? It seems to have everything that matters, from essential services and affordable housing to a good climate, recreation and great potential for development. Do think it over. This is a decision you have to make once in a lifetime. Wouldn’t you say the picture looks pretty good?

Taking everything into consideration, one could hardly blame you if McCormick has got you thoroughly bowled over. So maybe you should let yourself go with your instincts!

First-aid kits for the Road

  • Personal information card
  1. Name, Date of Birth
  2. Allergies
  3. Medical conditons
  4. Blood Type
  5. Emergency Contact Inforamation
  6. Health Insurance Information
  • 1 bottle normal saline/sterile water
  • 4 non-stick gauze (Telfa)
  • 12 gauze, 6 2×2, 6 4×4
  • topical atibiotic gel (Polysporin, Neosporin), large tube
  • 2 tape, atthletic/cloth 1/4in, 1in.
  • 3 pairs, non-latex gloves
  • band aids/variable sizes
  • 1 bottle, (over-the-counter) ibuprofen (Motrin/Advil) 200mg
  • 1 bottle, otc acetominophyen (Tylenol) 500mg
  • 1 bottle dyphenhydramine (Benedryl) 25mg
  • 1 Epipen (if allergic to bee stings, other, h/o anaphylatic reaction)

The purpose of this kit is to be able to clean and dress a wound at the race venue and have medications that can be taken for pain or in case of allergic reaction. Any wound or injury that needs something not contained in this kit will likely require immediate medical evaluation/attention. If unsure, please be seen by a medical professional.

Erciyes: Slopes of an extinct volcano

Mt. Erciyes, the highest peak in Central Anatolia, rises 25km south of Kayseri. The peak of the mountain, an extinct volcano, is covered with snow throughout the year, and there is a 1km-long glacier in the northern region of the mountain. The ski resort is on the Tekir Plateau, on the northern slopes of the mountain. This center has suitable conditions for ski touring and heli-skiing.

Erciyes is 40 minutes by road from Kayseri airport, and 30 minutes from the city center. Most hotels organize shuttle service to the ski area for their visitors.

The skiing areas on the eastern and northern slopes of Mt. Erciyes are between the altitudes of 2,200 and 3,100m. The best season for skiing is between late November and late April, with an average depth of approximately 2m of ‘very powdery’ snow. The region has a terrestrial climate, and the dominant wind direction is southerly and westerly.

There are four government guesthouses and a private hotel, plus restaurants, bars, swimming pool, a large cafe and medical facilities. The ski resort is equipped with 2 ski lifts and 2 T-bars. Qualified skiing instructors and equipment rental are available. The center has first aid facilities and a rural clinic. The slopes and mechanical equipment are supervised by experts throughout the season.

In addition to skiing, Erciyes is one of the most important mountains of the country for mountaineering.

Freeride Bikes

Freeride bikes are designed to ride the most extreme types of terrain. Steep chutes, large rocks and roots, big jumps and drop-offs, and just about anything else, natural or man-made, that you can imagine.

With only the occasional concession made for even the thought of riding uphill, freeride bikes are mountain biking’s version of monster trucks. Blurring the line between bicycle and motorcycle, bikes with eight inches of rear wheel travel, three inch wide tires, and eight inch diameter brake rotors are commonplace.

If you are attracted to the challenge of going big and see mountain biking as a source of individual expression, Freeriding will appeal to you. And what does any extreme athlete need? Well, a Saint to watch over him, of course.