Basic Anatomy of a Bicycle

1.) Chain – Circular link set transferring power from chains to cogs
2.) Handlebar – Horizontal bar attached to stem with handles, attached are brake levers and shifters.
3.) Pedal – Platform for the foot to press on, attached to crank.
4.) Saddle – Seat, the part you sit on.
5.) Tire – Where rubber meets road.
6.) Spokes – Thick wires joining the hub to the rim, with tension adjusted via a nipple on the rim side.
7.) Derailleur – Mechanism that moves chain from one cog to another.

8.) Brakes – Controls speed of bike from handlebars, located on both wheels.

Sudden Unexpected Infant Death Syndrome

Infant deaths that:

  • Occur suddenly and unexpectedly
  • Have no obvious manner and cause of death prior to investigation
  • Excludes deaths with an obvious cause, such as, motor vehicle accidents

 Potential Risk Factors:

  • Smoking during pregnancy and in the home- Keep a Tobacco free Environment
  • Babies sleeping on their stomach- Sleep Babies on their Back
  • Too many clothes on baby- Cuddle not Bundle the child
  • Over-Cluttered cribs (too many sheets, blankets, toys, etc…)- Baby sleeps alone

 Sleeping Environment:

  • Co-Sleeping- Do not let children sleep with any person or animal
  • Bassinette or crib next to the bed is best
Breastfeeding- “Breast is Best”
  • Breastfeeding has many benefits for mother and babies.
  • Breastfeeding helps to keep babies healthy and well
  • Do not sleep with baby after breastfeeding