Vacation and Travel to California

As you travel around California, you’ll be struck by the state’s astounding cultural diversity and sense of prosperity. You will also be struck by its natural beauty; towering forests and incredible mountains are just hours away from beautiful beaches and deserts.

Explore California by Regions

Central Coast

A tranquil expanse between Los Angeles and San Francisco, the romantics and fairy tale-like Central Coast is often called California’s Middle Kingdom. Dramatic seascapes, coastal resorts, and pastoral inland agricultural communities, make this region an idyllic destination.

Central Valley

California’s agricultural bounty flows from the Central Valley, one of the most productive farming areas in the world. This thriving region includes a wealth of culturally diverse communities, historic sites, exceptional outdoor recreational opportunities and plentiful wildlife.


California’s deserts are a study in contrasts: Mountain ranges composed of nothing but bare, jagged rock rise abruptly out of flat, sun bathed basins, the land sparsely covered by creosote and bizarrely twisted Joshua trees.

Gold Country

Cradled between the High Sierra and the Central Valley, this territory offers remnants of 1849’s wild days and one of the biggest gold rushes of all time. With rustic towns, picturesque scenery, ample recreational and cultural activities, this region is filled with golden opportunities.

High Sierra

The magnificent Sierra Nevada mountain range serves as the backbone to the spectacular High Sierra region – the setting for a wealth of outdoor recreation. This monumental region contains three of the nation’s most treasured National Parks and truly embodies the American wilderness.

inland Empire

Larger than Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Delaware combined, the Inland Empire encompassing the mountain ranges to the north and sunny farmlands, orchards, and vineyards along the lush Santa Ana River Valley is truly an empire.

Los Angeles County

Ever since filming in Los Angeles in 1913, the world has been fascinated by movie making  and Hollywood’s great dream factories. Where else can you go snow boarding in the morning and catch a wave in the afternoon, or hike deep into the wilderness just off a busy freeway?

North Coast

This spectacular region stretches over some 400 miles of rugged coastline from north of San Francisco to the primeval redwood forests below the Oregon border. This region reaches 40 miles inland to lush vineyards, pastoral farms and quaint villages filled with antique shops.

Orange County

Legend has it that Walt Disney looked all over Southern California before deciding on 75 acres of orange trees in Anaheim for the site of his first amusement park. Residents and visitors are also drawn to the county’s 42 miles of beaches and vast tracts of green space.

San Diego County

With its rich Hispanic heritage, temperate climate, deep-sea harbors, sandy beaches and a variety of fun-filled attractions, San Diego County maintains its reputation as a world-famous destination.

San Fransisco Bay Area

Blessed with a variable fog-cooked, sun-kissed climate and a dramatic landscape, the Bay Area is a visual feast. Add to this a cultural medley: within every neighborhood, a diversity of tastes and interests is thriving. To embrace all this, all you have to do is get out and explore.

Shasta Cascade

Big physically as well as in spirit, the Shasta Cascade region is the great outdoors at its vigorous best. It is a land of dense conifer forests, volcanic landscapes, and few people. The area’s dominating feature, the snowy volcano Mt. Shasta is one of North America’s biggest mountains.

Alluring Alaska

Alaska is one of the most serene and beautiful travel spots in the world for a person to explore. There is plenty to do in Alaska even though most people don’t realize it offers very much. Part of the beauty is the scenery and the lack of people in many areas. There is plenty of hiking, camping, and fishing around various areas of Alaska. Of course it can be extremely cold but if you are well prepared for it you will do just fine.

There are several ways to get to Alaska, and an airplane is a very common one. There are often flights in and out of Alaska. They are going to vary in price too so make sure you are careful about when you plan you trip. There are some major events that occur annually in this part of the world. First, there is the Iditarod which draws tons of spectators from all over. You will pay much more for your flight as well as for lodging during this time of year.Iditarod

There is also a part of the year when the sun doesn’t shine for about a month. Most people don’t want to travel there during this time of year. While the flights may be cheap, you aren’t going to get to enjoy a great deal of what Alaska has to offer you. Taking a cruise ship to Alaska is another common way of getting there. Look for discounts on cruises and try to take advantage of special offers that are commonly out there during the off season.

When it comes to staying in Alaska, you will find that lodging is cheaper if you move away from the main areas. The money you will save by staying a few miles out as well as eating in locations that are out of the main area will be well worth the travel time you put in going around there. It will also give you more of a chance to experience all the beauty that Alaska has to offer you.

If you can get a large group of people to go to Alaska, you can often get a discount for that as well. It will reduce the overall cost per person to travel there. This is a great way to share such a fun adventure with your closest friends and family.

Boy Scout Camping Trips All Aboard America!

Can you smell the approaching summer? The thermometer is rising, school is almost out, and before long, the Boy Scout camping trips will be the norm. Organized camping is a creative, educational experience in cooperative group living in the outdoors. It uses the natural surroundings to contribute significantly to physical, mental, spiritual, and social growth.Boy-Scouts

With camping trips come the question of how to get the boys to the camping sites across the country. And what better way to have a wonderful vacation in the Americas, than driving through the beautiful and open American roads, enjoying the amazing landscapes of the continent! All Aboard America, a truly American company with the nicest motor coach fleets in the United States, offers some of the best bus services to charter your Boy Scout camping trips. With amazing weather and the natural beauty of the great American countryside, the snowy Alaskan regions, the grand canyon to the southwest and some of the largest fresh water lakes with caves and sand dunes, a road trip would truly make it an adventure to cherish!  Yes All Aboard America will make a perfect holiday for you. The driving, trekking, camping experience is all that one wants in their Boy Scout camping trips.All Aboard America

Everybody can agree that traveling is all about the experience you get. Escaping from the myriad of conveniences that modern living provides is certainly a growing pastime in America. What better time than the summer to get away from all the pent up frustrations of the daily humdrum routine, than to pack your camping gear and get on to a motor coach? All Aboard America offers not only style and comfort among their bus charters, but also provides dvd and cd systems for entertainment, ipod connections, plenty of storage space and on-board restrooms. Blowing where the wind takes you, doing what the day makes you would be a lovely way to enjoy the American summer.

Conservation and environmental education have always been an important part of the Boy Scouts training. Camping, hiking, canoeing and a respect for the outdoors are part of the Scouting heritage. Traveling by an All Aboard America motor coach will cut fuel consumption, reduce emissions and traffic congestion, and save money compared to travelling by car.  And you might just save an ice cap or two or even a penguin. Many more environmental and functional factors make motor coaches the number one choice for anyone arranging transportation services. An All Aboard America motor coach is four times less damaging to the environment than car-mode transportation, five times less damaging than rail and six times less damaging than air travel.

Travel by motor coaches is among the safest modes of transportation in the United States. There is also a guide/ attendant, and you get to see all the attractions, don’t have to worry about getting lost… Can it get any better than this? When taking off for parts known or unknown in your motor coach a lot of that fun depends on having the coach in tip-top condition. All Aboard America provides well maintained and comfortable 9 passenger vans, 48 passenger full size luxury touring motorcoaches, 56 passenger full size luxury touring motorcoaches and 71 passenger school buses (equipped with a/c and seat belts). coach_interior

With over 80 years of experience, All Aboard America is the #1 provider of large group transportation in the USA. Their motor coaches have all the amenities required to make your road trip one of the most pleasant and safest experiences. All motor coaches are equipped with rest rooms on board to reduce frequent stoppages for natures call and all the associated problems, like taking a head count and waiting for the slackers.  Their coaches are all equipped with reclining seats that provide ample leg space for the Boy scouts going on their camping trips.

The added benefit of chartering a motor coach – you can relax and ride a bus that is less expensive than driving your own car and have time to  read, work or travel with your friends!

Whether you plan to charter the coach, or need assistance in the overall planning of your trip, All Aboard America! is there to provide solutions to all your travel needs. For all the fun of the boy scouts camping trips without the worries, choose a motor coach that has years of experience. All Aboard America with its rich southwestern tradition fits the bill and should make for a memorable experience!!

The Mexico Vacation

There is plenty to see and do in various areas of Mexico. For anyone looking for a low cost vacation, this is certainly an option. The cost of getting to Mexico is often where you get taken advantage of if you aren’t careful. The price of a decent hotel can also be high as well if you don’t look for great deals.

Make sure you compare prices online and through a travel agency so you can be guaranteed the lowest prices. Look for last minute airfares too which you can take if you have a flexible travel schedule available to you. Most of the time travel to Mexico in the fall and the winter months are less expensive due to the decline in tourism. Yet you can get enjoy the same adventures as you would going in the summer and spring when it costs more.Mexican-vacations

Where you will be able to save money with a Mexico vacation is on the adventures you take part in. You will find they are much less than with many other popular destinations. You can drink cocktails on the beach for next to nothing where many other places charge you several dollars for them. You can also rent equipment to go out into the water with for a low price. You may wish to charter a boat for the afternoon or to take part in snorkeling and other water activities.

Dining is very inexpensive when you travel to Mexico, so you can have some fun trying out new foods without spending a ton of money to do so. There is plenty to do when the sun goes down as well. Many of these activities including outdoor clubs are free for you to attend. Should you decide to do some shopping for souvenirs they too will be very low cost.

If you don’t have much of a budget to work with, but definitely want a vacation, consider traveling to Mexico. There is definitely plenty to do when you arrive. You can also save money on various activities by booking them online in advance. With all the coupons and discounts that can be applied you have a fun and relaxing vacation that doesn’t exceed your budget.